Life with your dog is a podcast that is focused on dog training concepts and ideas that can be applied in a practical way to enrich the life you live with your dog.

Educating dog owners, training and enthusiasts about these ideas so that we can train, manage, live and thrive with our dogs.

Making connections between dog training concepts and the way we operate our own lives.

We aim to unpack dog behaviour and training application so that each episode is has a topic to be covered.


Your hosts are:

Panos Anagnostou, qualified dog trainer and owner of ‘Nooch’s Pooches’. With 10 years experience of training people and their dogs he intends to share his knowledge and experience to his listeners. Panos specialises in puppy development, obedience training and behavioural issues for domestic pet dogs.

Luke Badman, host of ‘Our Human Condition’ podcast that focuses “How can we live a life that transcends the challenges everyone faces? The emphasis is on lessons that you, the listener, can take away from these stories.”

Panos’ dog’s Spades & Nuki are also joined in studio to share their story also!

Both hosts bring together many different perspectives and allow the conversation of the role dogs play in our life, how we can teach dogs skills and manners but more importantly how we can benefit from owning a dog. Luke’s journey learning from Panos about the all the things Panos has learnt and now knows about dogs will put you, as a listener on a journey of understanding your “LIFE WITH YOUR DOG”.